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In order to carry out all the projects that our club is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees. 

Name Chairs Description
Board of Directors Eaglin, Fulton
Keith, Sue
The boards of the club and foundation
Building and Property Eaglin, Fulton
McCarthy, Jim
Consider the possibilities of owning or leasing a building
Bulletin (Newsletter) Wylie, Jim
Produces a weekly newsletter, the Bulletin, which is distributed to all Club members and friends of Claremont Kiwanis
Circle K Andersen, Tom
Sponsors our Circle K club at the Claremont Colleges
Community Services Martin, Julie
Kentner, Tressa
Provides financial support to a variety of organizations and programs within the community of Claremont
Concerts in the Park Bauman, Dennis
Andersen, Tom
This committee coordinates our clubs role as a sponsor of the Claremont summer Concerts in the Park. The club sells food at the concerts, as well as at the Fourth of July Fireworks and similar events. The club pays for the cost of all of the bands at the summer concert series.
Division 15 Representatives Eaglin, Fulton
Keith, Sue
Represent our Club within the division
Entertainment Eaglin, Fulton
Feingold, Jerry
Provides social outings and entertaining events for Club members, families, and friends
Finance and Budget Conley, Mike
Rodriguez, Michael
Oversee the finances of the Claremont Kiwanis Club and Foundation
Fine Masters Members serve as Fine Masters as we raise funds for our charitable projects by humorous fining of our members.
Hospitality Lee, Pat
This group organizes special Club events, such as the Holiday Party, and special events at Club meetings, such as the Sweetheart Luncheon.
House Zell, Darryl
O'Leary, Paul
This committee prepares the room for the meeting.
Interclubs Covey, Jim
O'Leary, Paul
Coordinate our visits to other Kiwanis clubs
Key Club Llanusa, Steven
Rodriguez, Raul
This group sponsors our Key Clubs at Claremont High School and San Antonio High School.
Kiwanis One Day Leavell, Ed
Gaiser, Carl
Coordinate our project for the annual Kiwanis One Day
Membership Swick, Jess
Recruit new members and support Club members
Memorial Day Bauman, Dennis
Fagg, Bob
Coordinate our involvement in community Memorial Day celebration
National Night Out Leavell, Ed
Coordinate our participation in National Night Out
Nominating Keith, Sue
Recommend a slate of officers for the coming year
Pancake Breakfasts Leavell, Ed
This team heads up our pancake breakfast held in the spring and on July Fourth.
Past Presidents' Club Wheeler, Paul
Covey, Jim
Organize the past presidents
Program Committee Myrdal, Penny
This group organizes the speaker program for our weekly club meetings.
Property Bauman, Dennis
Organize and maintain our equipment
Publicity and Public Relations Henny, Patricia
Jefferson, Barbara
Lets the community know about Claremont Kiwanis and our activities
Read Me Robb, Al
Feingold, Jerry
Every week, Read Me volunteers visit classrooms of at-risk preschool students. They read a story to the kids. Then each child receives a personal copy of the book to keep in a personal library.
Route 66 Lee, Pat
Martin, Julie
Myrdal, Penny
This committee organizes the annual Route 66 Party, a popular event with food, auction, gaming, dancing, and fun.
Scholarships Conley, Mike
Coordinate the scholarships given by the Kiwanis Club of Claremont, Division 15, and the Cal-Nev-Ha District. Select the recipients of the Stan Larson Scholarships, given by Claremont Kiwanis and the club nominees for the scholarships given by other Kiwanis organizations.
See's Candies Thompson, John
This committee organizes the clubs huge See's Candies sales efforts during the holiday season each year.
Senior Programs Jones, Judith
Rugeley, Barbara
This committee provides activities and events to support senior programs in Claremont. The committee, supported by other Club volunteers, helps with the monthly county-run food bank.
Social Media/Club Communication Wylie, Jim
Rodriguez, Raul
Support our presence on social media
Special Olympics Llanusa, Steven
Coordinate our participation in the Special Olympics bowling tournament
Village Venture Fagg, Bob
Parlopino, Britt
Coordinates our booth at the annual Village Venture street fair
Youth Services Bloom, Arny
Thompson, John
Provide financial support to programs in the community which serve the youth of Claremont